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  1. IMAC COVID-19 has been contracted by the Ministry of Health to provide education and support to all health professionals and allied workforces across New Zealand during the rollout. They are supporting vaccinators and the healthcare workforce with training and information to administer COVID-19 vaccines in New Zealand. With their team based around the country, they provide on-the-ground support and customized education for engagement in different community settings, in addition to the online learning courses. The course can be adapted and used by other colleagues in other locations.
  2. Join Doctor Mike Varshavski as he discusses how COVID-19 vaccines work on four levels understandable to a child, parent, student and vaccine expert.
  3. An efficient way to learn the importance of vaccine to stop vaccine-preventable diseases through a game of role play: “You're in the middle of a disease outbreak. Apply the scientific method in an epidemiological setting to pinpoint the source”
  4. The Evidence-Based Vaccination section aims to provide a coherent answer to these questions, in order to be able to apply them in daily medical practice, optimizing our resources and considering efficiency criteria.
  5. This short animated video explains how vaccines are developed and monitored for safety after approval.
  6. This section is a brief review of communicate methods to reassure parents about benefits and risks of vaccines. A table with the types of parental immunization attitudes figure, followed by key points to consider, strategies for talking to parents and finally suggested videos demonstrating this model of communication
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