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Found 5 results

  1. A home for the WHO Europe's 'European Immunization Week' campaign. In addition to the upcoming EIW, the page contains info and links to previous years' campaigns and materials.
  2. WHO's page on World Immunization Week with archives to past campaigns and materials
  3. Brian

    How effective is the flu jab?

    Flu can make you feel rubbish, but for some people it can be deadly. There is a vaccine against it, but how effective is it at protecting us against the virus? BBC reporter gives a brief overview of how the flu vaccine is devised and the decisions that have to be made a year in advance.
  4. Admin

    WHO Global Vaccine Safety website

    WHO's global page on vaccine safety with links to: Global Vaccine Safety Global Vaccine Safety Initiative Detection Investigation Communication Tools and methods Regulatory framework Technical support and trainings Global analysis and response Public-private information exchange Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety Reference documents and publications In 2011, WHO and a group of partners developed a strategic document on vaccine safety called the Global Vaccine Safety Blueprint. This document sets out indicators that aim to ensure that all countries have at least a minimal capacity to ensure vaccine safety. The Blueprint proposes a strategic plan for strengthening vaccine safety activities globally. It focuses on building national capacity for vaccine safety in the world’s poorest countries through the coordinated efforts of major stakeholders.
  5. This is a UNICEF and WHO joint guide for Communication for Investigation of Serious AEFIs. Contents: Why focus on communication? OBJECTIVES Communicating during the investigation of Serious AEFIs PRIOR TO REPORTS OF SERIOUS AEFIS AFTER REPORTS AND BEFORE THE INVESTIGATION OF SERIOUS AEFIS DURING THE INVESTIGATION OF SERIOUS AEFIS AFTER THE INVESTIGATION OF SERIOUS AEFIS Finding 1. The event is definitively not related to immunization (coincidental with only temporal association) Finding 2. The event is related to the operational aspects of immunization Finding 3. The event is related to inherent qualities of the vaccine and has occurred within the expected frequency range. Finding 4. The event is related to defects in the vaccine quality. Finding 5. The cause of the event is unknown or the results are inconclusive COMMUNICATION EVALUATION Communicating with the media GUIDING PRINCIPLES IN DEALING WITH THE MEDIA KEY MESSAGES NEWS RELEASE NEWS CONFERENCE NEWS INTERVIEW Resources

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