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  2. أنقذت اللقاحات ملايين الأرواح حول العالم ، ومع ذلك تفاجئنا أعداد لا يُستهان بها من الأفراد والمجتمعات الذين يعتقدون بأن اللقاحات هي مصدر خطر . إن الأبحاث العلمية التي تدعم أهمية اللقاحات واضحة وجلية ، ولكن طريقة إيصال المعلومة للفرد العادي قد لا تكون بهذا الوضوح . ولهذا السبب نحتاج الى أستنباط أساليب جديدة لترسيخ فكرة أن اللقاحات فعّالة . أحيانا يكون من المتعذر الحصول على دعم للأفكار الجديدة وغير التقليدية ، ولهذا فنحن نأمل أن نلقى تجاوبا منكم لدعم مشروعنا والهادف الى تثقيف الأطفال (والآباء كذلك) واطلاعهم على الأبحاث العلمية الموثوقة حول اللقاحات والامراض الفيروسية عن طريق القصص المصورة
  4. This 20 page document aims to summarise and clarify the current understanding of the science of immunisation for non-specialist readers. The document is structured around six questions. 1 / What is immunisation? 2 / What is in a vaccine? 3 / Who benefits from vaccines? 4 / Are vaccines safe? 5 / How are vaccines shown to be safe? 6 / What does the future hold for vaccination?
  5. Vaccination is under attack by individuals who occasionally use the legal system to oppose mandatory vaccination laws and in some cases to obtain exemptions for particular children whose parents are opposed to vaccination. During the legal proceedings, as we have witnessed, experts testifying in favor of vaccination may be challenged with references from journals of doubtful quality that oppose vaccination. To provide important references that discuss and disprove claims made against vaccines, the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has created a library of references addressing certain safety issues that may be useful as an aid and refresher to clinicians giving expert testimony on the safety of vaccines and to lawyers defending vaccination of children. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia legal library may be entered through the web address vaccine.chop.edu/safety-references. We would be grateful if you could inform your colleagues about the availability of this resource, which should be of great value for experts testifying for vaccination and for clinicians who need to convince parents about vaccine safety. Stanley A. Plotkin, MD Department of Pediatrics Perelman School of Medicine University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Paul A. Offit, MD Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Dorit Reiss, LLB, PhD University of California Hastings College of the Law
  6. This document presents the scientific evidence behind WHO’s recommendations on building and restoring confidence in vaccines and vaccination, both in ongoing work and during crises. The evidence draws on a vast reserve of laboratory research and fieldwork within psychology and communication. It examines how people make decisions about vaccination; why some people are hesitant about vaccination; and the factors that drive a crisis, covering how building trust, listening to and understanding people, building relations, communicating risk and shaping messages to the audiences may mitigate crises. This background document is part of the Vaccination and trust library, which includes a series of support documents with practical guidance for specific situations.
  7. This course aims to establish a shared understanding among professionals whose work is linked to vaccine safety issues. This may include nurses/midwives/community health workers, as well as pharmacists medical doctors and programme or technical officers.
  8. "La ciencia que hay detrás de las vacunas está clara" "Sin embargo, en ocasiones, el mensaje no llega a toda la comunidad" "Los niños y los adolescentes disfrutan leyendo cómics: una puerta de entrada a la literatura científica" "Es por eso que hemos creado esta mini serie" Trans: Dra. Pepe Serrano @PepePediatre y Dra. Matilde Zornoza Moreno @Pediatra2punto0
  9. In Germany there was a court decision of the Bundesgerichtshof and later a law: Patienten­rechte­gesetz 2013 § 630e BGB (https://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/bgb/__630e.html), which stated that it was mandatory to share information regarding vaccines and vaccine safety before routine vaccination and defined the content of these information. The RKI displays the information in a format of FAQs.
  10. Building the capacity to improve vaccine acceptance and uptake through the curation of evidence based resources. CANVax makes it easier for public health professionals to find and collect resources to inform their work in improving vaccine acceptance and uptake.
  11. AusVaxSafety is a national system for monitoring vaccine safety in Australia. The first annual report from AusVaxSafety summarises information from parents and carers who responded to an SMS about their child's health a few days after receiving a vaccine at routine National Immunisation Program schedule points in 2016-17. The report includes infographics providing a visual representation of the information collected through those responses, including the number of parents and carers who responded and health information about their children. A separate infographic summarises responses from parents and carers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, who receive additional vaccines at the 12 and 18 month schedule points. The results confirm that vaccines in the National Immunisation Program are safe.
  12. In this short video, Dr. Paul Offit, Director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, discusses HPV vaccine and concerns about the vaccine's safety, particularly related to chronic diseases.
  13. In this short video, Dr. Paul Offit, Director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia discusses the difference between aluminum that is injected versus ingested.
  14. In this short video, Dr. Paul Offit discusses why the current vaccine schedule does not overwhelm a baby's immune system.
  15. Find out why aluminum is used in vaccines, how it is processed by our bodies, and what we know about its safety in vaccines.
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