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Found 11 results

  1. A home for the WHO Europe's 'European Immunization Week' campaign. In addition to the upcoming EIW, the page contains info and links to previous years' campaigns and materials.
  3. WHO Europe Flu Awareness campaign materials from 2017. Available in English and Russian. Poster - Protect yourself and your patients from influenza Poster - Influenza can be serious if you have a health problem Poster - Influenza can be serious if you are over 65 Poster - Influenza can be serious for you and your unborn child Leaflet - Protect yourself and your patients from influenza Leaflet - Influenza can be serious if you have a health problem Leaflet - Influenza can be serious if you are over 65 Leaflet - Influenza can be serious for you and your unborn child Download the full package of Flu Awareness Campaign 2017
  4. Каким был бы мир без вакцин сегодня?
  5. This document provides a checklist to test if your country is well prepared for events that may potentially erode trust in vaccines and the health system. The checklist provides inspiration and may point to areas where there is need for improvement. It is also a good point of departure for discussions and planning with regard to immunization communication and crisis response. Use the document to prepare for a meeting with key stakeholders or as a starting point for discussions on vaccine crisis communication.
  6. Setting the media agenda Safety events: the immediate media response Tips for spokespersons The questions journalists always ask in a crisis Strategies used by journalists How to prepare a press release
  7. This document suggests four immediate steps when responding to vaccine safety-related events or other events that may erode trust in vaccines or the health authorities delivering them.
  8. This document provides guidance on the essential elements of an immunization communications plan, with special emphasis on elements that relate to crisis communication. Developing an immunization communications and crisis communications plan allows you to build and maintain trust in vaccines and demand for vaccination and prepare for vaccine safety events and crises.
  9. This document proposes a simple step-wise process for planning communication and advocacy for a new vaccine introduction. It includes suggested activities for four key stakeholder groups: health care workers influencers media public. Planning a detailed communication and advocacy strategy will help you: ensure stakeholder groups have a consistent knowledge of the facts and messages avoid or limit misperceptions be prepared for vaccine safety events facilitate high uptake of the new vaccine build resilience against vaccine safety scares. Use the document for guidance and inspiration when introducing a new vaccine. Use it early in the process, as communication needs to be planned and initiated well in advance of the introduction date.
  10. This document outlines the key elements of a press release and provides some advice for each of these. It also includes model press releases as case examples for inspiration. Use the document for guidance and inspiration whenever you need to develop a press release.
  11. Immunize Europe Forum contains a wide range of editable graphics that are free to download and use.

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