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  1. This short video, shown as a #throwback social media content to drum up the World Immunization Week 2019 celebration, describes the success of vaccination in eradicating polio. The video is told in the point-of-view of the Philippines context. The Philippines was certified polio-free since year 2000, yet the threat of this paralyzing disease still remains. As long as poliovirus transmission happens elsewhere in the world, all other children remain at risk. The video calls that all children in communities should complete their polio vaccines.
  2. Vaccines Today ran a competition in 2018 to find Europe's 'vaccine champions'. Here are interviews with the three winners: - A doctor in Romania who advocates for vaccination on Facebook - A scientist who draws comics/cartoons to communication about immunology - A paediatrician in Germany discussing how to engages with parents about vaccination
  3. This 20 page document aims to summarise and clarify the current understanding of the science of immunisation for non-specialist readers. The document is structured around six questions. 1 / What is immunisation? 2 / What is in a vaccine? 3 / Who benefits from vaccines? 4 / Are vaccines safe? 5 / How are vaccines shown to be safe? 6 / What does the future hold for vaccination?
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