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  1. Vaccine adverse event reports are simultaneously a valuable public health resource and potent ingredients for vaccine misinformation. Its role in vaccine misinformation is due in large part to the logical fallacy of "post hoc ergo propter hoc", where an event that preceded another is thought to be the cause of the later event. However, we can avoid falling into the trap of this logical fallacy by using the Bradford-Hill framework when inferring causality between a vaccine and adverse events. Written for a general audience.
  2. Explains the properties of aluminum adjuvants in vaccines and how we know they are safe and do not cause neurological damage or autism. Also debunks a commonly cited study used to make false claims about the safety of aluminum adjuvants.
  3. A look at how the enduring myth of the vaccine-autism link began, the pseudoscience behind it, and a summary of the scientific evidence disproving the link.
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