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  1. GaryFinnegan

    How can vaccines help beat superbugs?

    A short, animated video explaining the potential role of vaccination in the global fight against AMR.
  2. This video encourages views to think of vaccination as a way to stay healthy throughout life.
  3. GaryFinnegan

    A brief history of vaccination

    This video shows (briefly) the history of vaccination and its impact on public health.
  4. GaryFinnegan

    How are vaccines developed?

    This short animated video explains how vaccines are developed and monitored for safety after approval.
  5. GaryFinnegan

    Ageing well: staying healthy in later life

    This video is designed to encourage older people to view vaccination as a positive way to stay healthy, enabling them to do the many other things they wish to in later life. Rather than presenting older people as facing limitations and ill-health, it shows that vaccination, along with diet and exercise, can allow them to remain active and have fun.
  6. GaryFinnegan

    Measles in France - Who Suffers Most?

    This short video looks at who is most severely affected by measles outbreaks in France (based on data from summer 2018)
  7. This video is available in several European languages.
  8. GaryFinnegan

    What is herd immunity?

    This is a short video, explaining herd immunity. It has been viewed 100,000 times.
  9. This is a short video, telling the true story of a mother who needs other parents in her community to ensure that their children are vaccinated. The mother is receiving treatment for cancer.
  10. Vaccines Today ran a competition in 2018 to find Europe's 'vaccine champions'. Here are interviews with the three winners: - A doctor in Romania who advocates for vaccination on Facebook - A scientist who draws comics/cartoons to communication about immunology - A paediatrician in Germany discussing how to engages with parents about vaccination

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