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  1. This document outlines the key elements of a press release and provides some advice for each of these. It also includes model press releases as case examples for inspiration. Use the document for guidance and inspiration whenever you need to develop a press release.
  2. This document proposes a simple step-wise process for planning communication and advocacy for a new vaccine introduction. It includes suggested activities for four key stakeholder groups: health care workers influencers media public. Planning a detailed communication and advocacy strategy will help you: ensure stakeholder groups have a consistent knowledge of the facts and messages avoid or limit misperceptions be prepared for vaccine safety events facilitate high uptake of the new vacc
  3. This document provides guidance on the essential elements of an immunization communications plan, with special emphasis on elements that relate to crisis communication. Developing an immunization communications and crisis communications plan allows you to build and maintain trust in vaccines and demand for vaccination and prepare for vaccine safety events and crises.
  4. Health professionals are the single most important influence on whether individuals decide to have themselves or their children vaccinated. Therefore, information and education for health professionals are essential. The aim of this training manual is to present “state-of-the-art”, authoritative, scientifically valid advice to counter common misperceptions about vaccination.
  5. This is a CDC website page on Hepatitis B Vaccination About the Disease Vaccine Information Beliefs & Concerns Vaccine Safety Who Should Not be Vaccinated?
  6. This is a 36 page module from the healthcare workers training. This module describes the tasks a health worker needs to perform to ensure the quality of an immunization session. It starts with the preparation required at the health centre and the immunization site before the infants arrive. It next discusses the communication needed throughout each encounter with caregivers during the session. It then proceeds with assessment of infants before vaccination, the correct technique for giving vaccines, and instructions for closing sessions and recording data. It concludes with a newly develop
  7. This is a case study/scenario of a HPV vaccine-safety related event for group exercises and training purposes. Owner WHO Geneva
  8. Vaccine , Volume 36, Issue 40, 25 September 2018, Pages 5949-5954 Abstract Background Adverse events following immunization (AEFI) arising from anxiety have rarely been reported as a cluster(s) in the setting of a mass vaccination program. Reports of clusters of anxiety-related AEFIs are understudied. Social media and the web may be a resource for public health investigators. Methods We searched Google and Facebook separately from Atlanta and Geneva to identify reports of cluster anxiety-related AEFIs. We
  9. Mitja Vrdelja Alenka Kraigher Dejan Verčič Samo Kropivnik European Journal of Public Health, Volume 28, Issue 5, 1 October 2018, Pages 934–939, Published: 04 July 2018 Abstract Background Vaccination coverage is dropping in several countries, including Slovenia. More and more people hesitate or even reject vaccinations. As the influence of the internet grows, the question becomes how to communicate about vaccination to parents in order to prevent this drop i
  10. The Vaccine Safety Net (VSN) is a global network of websites, verified by the World Health Organization, that provide evidence-based information on vaccine safety. The VSN portal is the network's online hub, and a gateway for Internet users to verified sources of reliable information on vaccine safety, for the health professionals and the public. On the VSN portal, you can: Find out ABOUT VSN, MEMBERS, and HOW TO JOIN Follow and subscribe to MEMBER UPDATES and filter them by source or topic SEARCH from one place ALL MEMBER' websites for trusted vaccine safety informatio
  11. This 20 page document aims to summarise and clarify the current understanding of the science of immunisation for non-specialist readers. The document is structured around six questions. 1 / What is immunisation? 2 / What is in a vaccine? 3 / Who benefits from vaccines? 4 / Are vaccines safe? 5 / How are vaccines shown to be safe? 6 / What does the future hold for vaccination?
  12. Immunize Europe Forum contains a wide range of editable graphics that are free to download and use.
  13. This course aims to establish a shared understanding among professionals whose work is linked to vaccine safety issues. This may include nurses/midwives/community health workers, as well as pharmacists medical doctors and programme or technical officers.
  14. The Australian Academy of Science provides information that explains the science of immunisation in clear and easy-to-understand language, with the aim of supporting you to make good health decisions based on science. This series of short videos and in-depth articles, developed in partnership with the Australian Government Department of Health, answer common questions about immunisation.
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